Wish List

Here’s a roster of films I’m seeking…some I’ve never seen, others I’ve viewed and want to own.  If anyone is looking to unload some films from their collection and spots one or two titles on my list, let me know (blackdogpressATyahoo.ca).

I prefer the DVD format (Region 1 only) but in a pinch I’ll nab a VHS tape.

And I’m always looking for establishments and individuals who sell good, hard-to-find films, so if you know of any reputable ones, drop them in “Comments” and share ’em with the rest of us.

My “Most Wanted” list for 2017:

Region 1 (North America) DVDs only

“Faithless”  (Dir.  Liv Ullman)

“Le Weekend”  (Dir.  Roger Michell)

“A Touch of Sin”  (Dir.  Jia Zhangke)

“Leaves From Satan’s Book” (Dir. Carl Theodor Dreyer)

“Jour de Fete”  (Dir.  Jacques Tati)

“Boudou Saved From Drowning” (Dir.  Jean Renoir)

“In a Year of Thirteen Moons”  (Dir. Rainer Werner Fassbinder)

“Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant”  (Dir.  Rainer Werner Fassbinder)

“Lola”  (Dir.  R.W. Fassbinder)

“Warning Shadows” (Dir.  Arthur Robison)

“Bound for Glory” (Dir.  Hal Ashby)

“Red Desert”  (Dir.  Michelangelo Antonioni)

“Ugetsu”  (Dir. Kenzo Mizoguchi)

“Celine & Julie Go Boating”  (Dir. Jacques Rivette)

“Stranger Than Paradise” (Dir.  Jim Jarmusch)

“Christmas in July” (Dir.  Preston Sturges)

“Power and the Glory” (Dir. William K. Howard)

“Merrill’s Marauders”  (Dir.  Samuel Fuller)

“Despair” (Fassbinder & Stoppard)

“Mickey One” (Dir.  Arthur Penn)

“Night Zoo” (Dir.  Jean-Claude Lauzon)

“The Road to the Stars” (Dir.  Pavel Klushantsev)

“Rancho Notorious” (Dir.  Fritz Lang)

“Devil’s Envoys” (Dir.  Marcel Carne)

“The Furies”  (Dir.  Anthony Mann)

“Side Street”  (Dir.  Anthony Mann)

“I Wake Up Screaming”  (Dir.  H. Bruce Humberstone)

“He Ran All the Way” (Dir.  John Berry)

“The Racket”  (Dir.  John Cromwell)

“Attack!”  (Dir.  Robert Aldrich)

“They Live By Night”  (Dir.  Nicholas Ray)

“Broken Arrow”  (Dir.  Delmar Daves)

“The Changeling” (Dir.  Peter Medak)

“Paisan” (Dir. Roberto Rossellini)

“The Devils”  (Dir.  Ken Russell)

“Bug” (Dir.  Jeannot Szwarc)

“Hangover Square”  (Dir. John Brahm)

“The Gambler” (Dir.  Karel Reisz)

“Phantom Lady”  (Dir.  Robert Siodmak)

“Reflections of Evil” (Dir.  Damon Packard)



“The Prisoner” (Patrick McGoohan; 17 episodes)

“UFO” (Gerry Anderson series)

“Space: 1999″ (First Season)

“Berlin Alexanderplatz”  (Dir.  Werner Fassbinder)

“American Caesar” (doc. on Douglas MacArthur)

“The Sorrow & the Pity” (Dir. Marcel Ophuls)

“The Sandbaggers” (BBC espionage series)

“Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” (Alec Guinness)

“Smiley’s People” (Alec Guinness)

“Brideshead Revisited” (BBC series)

“Henri-Georges Clouzot’s ‘Inferno’” (Dir. Serge Bromberg)

“Wizard of Babylon” (Documentary on Rainer Werner Fassbinder)

“The Last Mogul: Lew Wasserman” (Documentary)

“Never Apologize” (Starring Malcolm McDowell)

“The Shadow Line” (British crime series)

“Dreams With Sharp Teeth” (Harlan Ellison documentary)

“Liv & Ingmar”  (Doc. by Dheeraj Akolkar)

“The Substance: Albert Hofmann’s LSD”  (Doc. by Martin Witz)

“Light Keeps Me Company”  (Doc. by Carl-Gustav Nykvist)

“Visions of Light”  (Doc. by Todd McCarthy)

“Climbing Mount Everest”  (Dir. John Noel)

“Epic of Everest”  (Dir.  John Noel)

“Gazwrx: Films of Jeff Keen” (experimental film maker)

4 Responses to Wish List

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  2. Sean says:

    I did see a copy of Happy Go Lucky at the movie store the other day, if you’re interested. In the comedy section, I believe.

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