The Greek concept of arete is usually translated as “virtue” or “excellence”.  On the one hand, the pursuit of arete was regarded by many Greek philosophers as the most important thing in ethics and in life.  On the other hand, the concept of arete was not limited to humans.  Every object could possess arete insofar as it is used for its “true purpose”(Italics mine)

-Definition from About.com

I enjoy movies (and creators) that veer from the mainstream and challenge us with provocative ideas and visions.  The proliferation of CGI top-heavy films and franchises has led to a deterioration of an art form.  It is my hope that this site will draw your attention to films of lasting merit, efforts that have slipped from public consciousness, rarely cited…or seen.  Past masterpieces of the silent era or little gems that got lost along the way.

I make no claims  in terms or erudition or consistency.  I have never reviewed films professionally, nor do I possess any academic credentials.  Both high and low culture offer some appeal.  I dislike Hitchcock but revere Henri-Georges Clouzot.  Despise the Antonioni I’ve seen, but would follow Werner Herzog to the ends of the earth.  Hate Walt Disney but adore Bugs Bunny.  I can derive great enjoyment from a little known science fiction flick like “Journey to the Far Side of the Sun” and, in the next breath, marvel at the spectacle and majesty of D.W. Griffith’s “Intolerance”.

Nothing I say is intended to be definitive or supported by anything other than my own, firmly held opinions.

I’ve learned about film by watching films.  Good films.  Special and unique films.  I’m still learning every time I catch something on the big screen or prop myself up in front of my 32 inch Sony television.  A shiver of anticipation as the first title appears, a bowl of popcorn always within reach.

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