Best Films Watched in 2020

Ninety-four (94) movies watched in 2020 and it’s time to pick the ones that stood out most.

A diverse roster, I think you’ll agree, and, if nothing else, I hope this post draws your attention to fine, ground-breaking cinema from around the world.

“Tigers Are Not Afraid” (Directed by Issa Lopez)

“Sorry We Missed You”  (Dir. Ken Loach)

“Come and See”  (Dir. Elem Klimov)

“Uncut Gems”  (Dir. Josh Safdie)

“Parasite”  (Dir. Bong Joon-ho)

“Loveless”  (Dir. Andrey Zvyagintsev)

“The Wolf House”*  (Dir. by Cristobal Leon/Joaquin Cocina)

“Daughter”* (Dir. Daria Kashcheeva)

“The Personal History of David Copperfield”  (Dir. Armando Ianucci)

“Motherless Brooklyn”  (Dir. Edward Norton)

“1917”  (Dir. Sam Mendes)

*Animated short film

Honorable Mention:

“Aniara” (Dir. Pella Kagerman/Hugo Lilja)

“The Duke of Burgundy”  (Dir. Peter Strickland)

“In Fabric”  (Dir. Peter Strickland)

“Are We Not Cats”  (Dir. Xander Robin)

“Son of Saul”  (Dir. Laszlo Nemes)

“Gosford Park”  (Dir. Robert Altman)

“The Laundromat”  (Dir. Stephen Soderbergh)

“The Gentlemen”  (Dir. Guy Ritchie)


“The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling” (Dir. Judd Apatow)

“David Attenborough: A Life on This Planet”  (Dir. Alastair Fothergill)

“Nomad”  (Dir. Werner Herzog)

Honorable Mention:

“Gates of Heaven”  (Dir. Errol Morris)

About Cliff Burns

I'm a literary writer, specializing in slipstream/ alternative/surreal/science fiction. My influences include Philip K. Dick, Harlan Ellison, Samuel Beckett, Jorge Luis Borges, David Cronenberg, Rene Magritte, any artist who defies convention and busts open genres, attacking the status quo.
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