Recent additions to my movie collection

Seems like DVDs are going the way of VHS tapes.  I’m finding bins full of movies and snapping up some very good flicks to add to my collection.  Hey, I’m not complaining, at least in the short term.  I’m scooping 3 titles for $10…but, of course, the supply will dry up, everyone downloading their movies from places like Netflix, no need for physical copies of a favorite film any more.

We’re down to one local movie store now and who knows how long it can hold on.  No more shelves full of movies to browse, no more bored attendants blearily eying the umpteenth run-through of some dopey rom-com, the volume (mercifully) turned down low.

The latest additions:

“I Walked With A Zombie”/”The Body Snatcher”  (Val Lewton Horror Double Feature)

“In Cold Blood”  (Dir. Richard Brooks)

“Muppets From Space”  (technically my wife’s but we’ll share it)

“The Chase”  (Dir. by Arthur Penn)

“The House of Wax”  (Dir. Andre de Toth)

“THX-1138”  (Director’s Cut)

& two episodes of Film Crew, a spinoff of Mystery Science Theater 3000—hilarious takedowns of  D movies “Hollywood After Dark” and “Wild Women of Wongo” (the former is particularly brilliant).

Also either picked up cheap or was gifted four really fine documentaries:

Into Great Silence”  (Dir. Philip Groning)

“Capturing the Friedmans”  (Dir. Andrew Jarecki)

“Easy Riders, Raging Bulls”  (Dir. Kenneth Bowser)

“Gonzo:  The Life & Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson”  (Dir. Alex Gibney)

A few of these titles replace some old, worn out VHS copies…or were just so bloody cheap I couldn’t resist them.

..and, in between films, I’ll be watching episodes of “Mad Men” and “The Wire”, two TV series I’ve been curious about for awhile.  I have the first season of both shows (gifts from my family).  We’re a non-TV bunch around here; we don’t even have cable—but some of the smartest people I know sing the praises of “Mad Men” and “The Wire” so I’ll give them a shot.  A number of people I know like “Dexter” too, which ain’t saying a whole lot.

And before I sign off, once again heartfelt apologies for not giving this site its due.  2010 was busy, crazy hectic—hey, I published two books this year—and I didn’t have the time and energy to watch films, let alone write about them at any length.

But I anticipate 2011 will allow me more latitude to devote to my second favorite art form.

Meanwhile, don’t give up on me.  And thanks for stopping by.

About Cliff Burns

I'm a literary writer, specializing in slipstream/ alternative/surreal/science fiction. My influences include Philip K. Dick, Harlan Ellison, Samuel Beckett, Jorge Luis Borges, David Cronenberg, Rene Magritte, any artist who defies convention and busts open genres, attacking the status quo.
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  1. I’ll admit, I’ve been tempted to buy a used VCR and then buy every VHS tape I can find (since most can be bought for pennies these days), except I have no idea where I’d put them all!

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