Desperately Seeking Tati

Certain films are harder to find than a Republican with a heart.

Jacques Tati’s “Trafic” (or “Traffic”) is one of them.  Oh, sure, I know Criterion came out with a two-disc edition awhile back, but for cinephiles of limited means the price they charged seemed, dare I say it, excessive.

So if there are fellow Tati fans out there who possess a copy they’re willing to part with (Region 1 DVD or VHS) perhaps they’ll be good enough to drop me a line (   I live in Canada so send along a shipping estimate as well.

I’ve posted a complete listing of films I’m trying to lay my hands on here.  I’m always on the prowl, trolling through eBay and Amazon, seeking to fill in holes in my cinematic education.  Our local movie store is going out of business (the writing is on the wall for such establishments, thanks to places like NetFlix and YouTube) so I might be able to nab a few there.  Yesterday I picked up “City of God” and Herzog’s take on “The Bad Lieutenant”, but for the most part their stock is composed of new releases and commercial fare that interested me not at all.

Again, sorry for the lengthy silence re: this blog.  But as you can see from my literary site, I’ve been busy doing promo stuff on my new novel and that’s kept me jumping.  I plan on watching lots of film over the summer, however, so you can expect more reviews and commentaries in the weeks to come.

Until then…

About Cliff Burns

I'm a literary writer, specializing in slipstream/ alternative/surreal/science fiction. My influences include Philip K. Dick, Harlan Ellison, Samuel Beckett, Jorge Luis Borges, David Cronenberg, Rene Magritte, any artist who defies convention and busts open genres, attacking the status quo.
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4 Responses to Desperately Seeking Tati

  1. Rojse says:

    I know it is a poor substitute to having an actual physical copy of the movies that you mention, but you can always try to download the movies you are after and watch them on your computer, providing that you can afford it on your internet bandwidth.

    • Cliff Burns says:

      True, I don’t employ technology to the extent I should. This is the last Tati I have yet to see. Might have snagged a copy from England, crossing my fingers and hoping for the best…

  2. Rojse says:

    Another idea that I neglected to mention in my original comment is that you can save searches on Ebay, which will then notify you whenever an item meets your search criteria – just set up your search parameters and choose to “Save Search” – you can save up to one hundred searches this way.

    • Cliff Burns says:

      Excellent advice. I find my film tastes are getting increasingly obscure. And it’s very, very hard to find Region 1 versions of some of the films on my wish list: efforts by Robert Bresson and Carl Theodor Dreyer; Hellman’s strange western “The Shooting”, almost anything by R.W. Fassbinder, not to mention “The Wannsee Conference” and–


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